Above everything, safety is our top priority.

BLUAYA’s strict safety measures and protocols help limit physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual risks to oneself and others. 

This starts with applicant screening and interviews, to assess risks at the individual level based on medical conditions, behavioral characteristics, and other factors. 

Although challenging psychedelic experiences are not uncommon and may even be beneficial, it’s our responsibility to limit this risk as much as possible in order to provide the most optimal experience for everyone as a whole. 

When challenging situations do happen, we follow best practices in harm reduction. Many of these practices were adopted from as well as our own experiences. 

In the days leading up to an experience, we provide preparation advice to the individual. In the days following an experience, we provide integration advice. It should be noted that proper preparation and integration are crucial in maximizing the benefits one receives from a psychedelic experience and failing to do so can increase risks.

COVID-19: We don't require masks or vaccinations, but you can wear a mask if you prefer. Anyone who experiences symptoms the day of the experience must cancel their attendance and will receive a full refund or credit.