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Meet BLUAYA's facilitators

Mónica L.

Mónica is a certified Art Therapist, TEDX Organizer, and Psychedelic Space Holder. Her professional work with psychedelics began in 2020 and her life’s motto is to spiritualize matter by uplifting the values and the wisdom on which we base our activities. 

She aims to be part of a social renaissance based on self-awareness, authenticity, and relational intelligence.

Neil R.

Neil’s interest in psychology began in early childhood. He was a shy skinny kid and (unintentionally) started learning human behavior by watching other kids play in school. 

Fast forward 30+ years, Neil traveled to Casa del Sol in Ecuador for a men’s retreat in 2017. It was at this retreat, he had his first profound healings and awakenings. He realized the massive potential of psychedelic plant medicines for healing, self-development, and making humanity better. 

Feeling the desire to contribute, his path led him to specialize in Mushrooms and work to develop a program that merges old wisdom and rituals with modern tools and science.

“Helping others walk their path, helps us continue ours.”