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Retreat Collaborators

Have you been actively facilitating, coaching, or organizing retreats or events? 

Are you passionate about helping others heal or grow and delivering real impact?

Do you want to integrate the power of mushrooms? 


Who is BLUAYA?

BLUAYA is a unique and multi-sensory mushroom experience. 

We have grown to mean a lot more to people than just our physical space or program. BLUAYA has formed a reputation of offering a safe (and often enjoyable) service.  And we looking to expand our reach and IMPACT by seeking collaborators for multi-day retreats. 

You can check out more details on our day retreat, view our gallery or visit our Instagram

How we can work together:

  1. We bring our services to your retreat.
  2. You bring your services to our retreat. 
  3. We create a new retreat, together.


Potential Concepts:

We are interested in the following concepts and intentions.

  • Longevity
  • Purpose
  • Masculine / Feminine 
  • Tantra / Relationships
  • Business clarity
  • General wellness / other