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BLUAYA’s signature program is the single-day mushroom retreat. 

The place in a safe and magical space. We merge traditional shamanic practices with modern science and technology to create a richly immersive, multi-sensory, and impactful experience. This is truly unique. 

Top 3 Compliments from Participants

    1. Most Memorable – Many guests experience things they’ve never experienced before that have changed their life.
    2. Amazing Music – Carefully curated playlist for mushroom journeys and commercial-grade surround sound system really takes people on a magical journey.
    3. Personal Support – Feel loved and supported the whole time. Everything you need is taken care of by male and female facilitators.



After your eligibility is confirmed and your spot is secured, we will provide you with a preparation guide and support. 


2:00 PM

Upon arrival, you will be welcomed as a family (
mi casa es su casa) and have the chance to explore our space. It’s important everyone feels at home. Refreshments and food will be available at all times. 

After everyone arrives, we have an opening circle where the facilitators will talk about how the day will progress, rules & guidelines, and introductions. This is followed by exercises to help everyone know each other more intimately, warm up, and feel relaxed.

We then start preparation activities to prepare the mind, body, and spirit. These exercises may include elements of yoga, breath work, discussion, and guided meditation.

5:00 PM 

Around 5 PM, we begin the ceremony. Mushrooms are served in a ritualistic fashion with freshly brewed, locally sourced, ceremonial-grade cacao. The dose will be personalized and pre-determined for each person (up to 2g). 

After we drink the cacao, we remain in a meditative state, sitting or laying on our mattresses, and accompanied by medicine music, as the mushrooms start to work their magic. 

During the ceremony, you will have freedom to experience and express your own journey. For example, you can lay in solitude to journey inward, journal, explore your consciousness through drawing art, or catch some fresh air outside. 

We also encourage using this opportunity to explore your inner world and this is usually best done through minimal distraction or external stimuli. However, mushrooms are very dynamic and somatic processing is a very powerful way to express and release. Guests can also engage in light group conversations in the main room, or choose to engage with others outside or the living room. 

We take care of your essential needs so you can do you.  

10:00 – 11:00 PM 

As we approach the last few of hours, m
usic, lights and gentle exercises will gently become more lively to help restore your energy, sense of self, and bring you back to a more ‘normal’ state of consciousness. We create a beautiful fruit platter and fresh tea for everyone to share with love and appreciation. Speaking and laughing during this time is more frequent.

After the closing session, talking and interactions become lighter and casual. However, it’s okay if a participant wants to lay back down to continue their journey during this time. Most people choose to leave between 11:30 and 12:30 and we encourage people to stay until they feel comfortable enough to leave. We can also assist by ordering taxis directly to our address.  

We will follow up with you to ask how you’re feeling, and provide online an integration guide.  

The Mushrooms & Dosage

Our mushrooms are grown locally by a medicine man who cultivates them with love and with intent. They are slow-dried, vacuum-sealed, and stored in a refrigerated container to retain peak potency and prevent contamination or mold.  

Everyone’s starting dose is personalized, based on your previous experiences, personal situations, and desired levels of depth. For example, one person may start with 0.5 g and another person may start with 2 g. About one hour after the first dose, we may offer more to those who want to go deeper. We do not typically offer more than 3 grams or offer “Hero/Megadoses”.

The Facilitators

Our facilitators have years of experience with plant medicines, studying psychology, alternative therapies, and harm reduction. They act as guides and space holders throughout your journey and take care of everything you need. Every session includes a trained female and male facilitator. Please contact us for more info on our facilitators!


The fees start at $250 USD ($5000 MXN) per person. Please contact us to confirm the current fee. 100% of contributions are used to continue operating and developing BLUAYA.


Address: Our space is located in the heart of Playa del Carmen, Mexico. Because we’re not a ‘drop in’ center, our address details are given to participants after confirmation of their attendance.

Setting: The indoor space is an old traditional building. Its walls are made from big earth stone and the roof from palm trees. Because this experience happens indoors, guests have the comfort of a controlled environment, along with plants decorated around the interior. The optimized setting also helps guests open up to receive the magical healing powers of mushrooms. *Keep in mind, we use fans for cooling and do not have an electric air conditioner. 

How to apply:

    1. Step One: Click the “Secure my Spot” button and complete the secure application form. This application process helps us determine if you are eligible for a medical and psychological perspective, and a good fit for the experience. 
    2. Step Two: After reviewing your application, we’ll reach out to schedule a video call with you. The video call will be used to discuss your application, answer questions, and confirm if this experience is the right fit for you. If we feel it’s not the best fit for you, we’ll kindly explain why and offer recommended resources
    3. Step Three: Because we have very limited spots available, full payment is required secure your spot. 

Got questions?

We’d love to chat! Send us a message on Instagram or Whatsapp