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Most Active Spiritual Places & Practitioners in Playa Del Carmen

    In a vibrant community such as PDC, it’s hard to include everyone on this list. If you know other spiritually-related activities, places, or practitioners that frequently offer group services in PDC, let us know!

    Sound Healing

    Medicine Music & Sound Healing

    The medicine of sound it’s a multidisciplinary music and sound healing project created by a musician, multi-instrumentalist, and therapist Rene Najera. In 2010 Rene started practicing mediation. He has been learning ethnic instruments and exploring the sounds and rhythms while traveling around the world. In his new album, he discovers a journey through sacred chantings and mantras, and more than 20 recorded instruments from all around the world that represent the awakening of the spirit.

    Taran Gongs

    Taran Gong Sound Healing & Wellness is a multidisciplinary project offering Lifetime Sensory Sound Healing experiences to take you to a healing journey through reconnecting with your senses. Sound Alchemist, Specialized in Kundalini Meditation, Breathwork, and Aromatherapy. Rebirthing Gong Sound Journeys and In water Sound healing Ceremonies.

    Ice Baths & Breathwork

    Playa Ice Oasis

    Playa Ice Oasis is a music-curated breathwork and ice bath experience in Playa del Carmen— a creative hub of celebratory healing & inspiring connection. It’s led by Nathan Fallou who’s also a conductor, transdisciplinary musician, trance dance facilitator, and rapé practitioner. Group sessions are multiple times a week and you can also propose more options in their interactive WhatsApp and Telegram groups.


    Yogaloft was created to provide world-class yoga classes and teachings in an intimate setting. Includes: Ashtanga Yoga, Gannon Power Vinyasa, Yoga Basics, Vinyasa Yoga & Yin Yoga. As well as International Teacher Training Certifications with founder Michael Gannon.


    Playa Yoga Tribe

    Daily yoga sessions of multiple yoga styles, and weekly special events of spiritual variety, at Imix Holistic Space in the center of town. Playa Yoga Tribe posts the most recent schedule on their Facebook and Instagram Pages, and you can find more info about their weekend special events in their Facebook event calendar.

    Plant Medicine

    Madre Verde

    Madre Verde is a beautiful retreat center deep in the jungle for people who feel the call to connect with their essence at a deeper level. Owned and facilitated by Ruben Bertolini and Milagro Boetto, their ceremonies are among the longest-running and most respected in the Rivera Maya. Ceremonies are once every two weeks.


    We offer mushroom journeys in a safe, intimate, and beautiful indoor setting surrounded by plants and magic, The experiences include prep exercises (guided meditation, bodywork, breathwork), cacao ceremony, sound healing, delicious fruit, and personal support throughout the journey. Apply online here.

    Portal Xibalba

    Portal Xibalba is a space for various ancestral ceremonies, music, healing, raising awareness, and discovering the magic of the great universal mystery. They work for the rescue and conservation of ancestral wisdom, receiving families from all the tribes of the world who come to share their knowledge and medicines.

    Other Venues

    Casa Mama Yemi

    Located on the edge of Playa del Carmen, Casa Mama Yemi is a holistic cultural center focused on providing healing through alternative medicine: plant medicines, sound healing, ice baths, breathwork, yoga, and more. 


    Ekumal is an awe-inspiring ecological center with hospitality options set up as a retreat center, Located in the middle of the jungle of Akumal 30 mins from Playa del Carmen, they welcome and offer retreats, events, collaborations, ceremonies, and workshops, allowing any kind of experience design in a safe & sacred space. 

    The Secret Garden

    The Secret Garden is one of Playa’s hidden gems, nestled within an urban setting. The space hosts a variety of recreational events, from talks and workshops for communities to share experiences, learn, nurture, and grow.

    Practical Philosophy Club

    The Practical Philosophy Club is a meetup for those who want to use philosophy in a practical sense. They discuss mindsets and points of view that can be applied in daily life. A point is made to be open to different points of view, keep discussions practical, and remember that it’s not a debate. Meet-ups every Tuesday 6-8 pm

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    The SheeCasa Garden

    The SheeCasa Garden is a small hidden oasis in a local Mexican neighborhood situated in the heart of Playa del Carmen. They offer New and Full Moon ceremonies with Sound Healing, Cacao Kirtan, Yoga Nidra, Breathwork, Elemental Yoga, Pranayamas, Meditation, Sacred Fire, and much more. Connect on WhatsApp, Facebook, or Instagram to stay informed about future ceremonies.