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5 Ways to Consume Mushrooms

    #1 Just eat it

    The simplest way to eat shrooms is by popping them in the pie-hole. But sometimes not the easiest. If your mushrooms are dry, eating them will be like eating popcorn. If they are mostly bendy, then they’ll require more chewing. Keep in mind if you don’t fancy the taste, skip this option.

    #2 Hot drinks

    Adding shrooms to Cacao is our favorite method to use during our mushroom ceremonies. The taste, flavonoids, and traditional use in ceremonies and other rituals make it a perfect complement. Adding mushrooms to any hot liquid, like cacao or tea before consuming also helps extract a broader spectrum of medicinal compounds vs eating them directly. We recommend blending with a coffee grinder before mixing.

    #3 Edibles

    Mushroom edibles, like chocolates and gummies, are growing in popularity. Many have cool packaging and taste amazing. But use it at your own risk. Things are not always what they seem. The listed dose may be wrong; it may include other unknown substances, and the quality may be lower. Delicious edibles also trigger dopamine to be released possibly leading to more consumption than you originally intended. Don’t get yourself into the “Ooops..I took too much” situation.

    #4 Pill Capsules

    Pills containing powered shrooms can be similar to edibles in the sense the listed dose may be wrong; it may include other unknown substances, and the quality may be lower. However, if the producer discloses their growing and production details, their pills may be a great quality product. One brand we recommend is WholesunWellness and encourage you to read about their differences.

    #5 Mix with Food

    You technically can do this but it has more risks and disadvantages. Firstly, food will slow the onset. Second, depending on what you eat and how much, the risk of nausea increases. Cooking with flame or high heat may also burn off good compounds you want to retain. We recommend consuming first, then if you’re hungry, eating after you’ve peaked.