Preparing for your journey

Table of Contents:

  1. Preparing your body
  2. Session flow
  3. What to bring
  4. Setting intentions
  5. How to journey
  6. Rules and guidelines
  7. Our facilitators
  8. Homework

Preparing your Body & Mind

  • Diet: Consuming mushrooms on an empty stomach helps minimize the chance of nausea. Try not to eat any heavy foods or big meals, caffeine, or dairy, at least 3 hours before you arrrive (e.g. if your session starts at 3 PM, don't eat heavy foods after 1 PM). Starting the night before, try to not eat foods that take longer to digest (e.g. meat) or make you feel bad. You know your body best so please be conscious of what you consume. Aside from nausea, food in your tummy can make it longer to feel the onset of the mushroom (e.g. 15 mins on empty stomach vs. 1.5 hours with food still in it).
  • Do not drink alcohol at least 1 day prior. The more clean your body is, the better. 
  • Sleep: Get plenty of sleep and rest, especially in the few days prior to your session.
  • Distractions: Reduce distractions and vises like video games, promiscuous sex, mind-numbing activities.

Note: For your safety, you may not be permitted to participate if you are too unprepared.

Session Flow

  • Preparation exercises: We will begin with exercises to relax and prepare your mind and body. This may include exercises such as guided meditation, stretching, yoga, and breathwork. 
  • Cacao: Our mushrooms are served blended into ceremonial grade cacao for an authentic and euphoric experience. This method offers many scientific benefits in addition to honoring the ancient history of Mayans and their ceremonial use of cacao. Our cacao recipe includes honey, cinnamon, salt, and cayenne. If you are allergic to any of these ingredients, let us know.
  • Closing Session: There will be opportunities to participate in emotional release and healing exercises during the session we will discuss with you prior.  
  • Music: we use a carefully curated playlist with touches of live shamanic instruments.
  • Food & Drinks: You will be served tea and water throughout the session. We will close the session with a guided meditation followed by fresh fruit.  
  • Facilitators: There will be up to two facilitators. If you prefer male or female, please let us know.

Block off time and tell people you won't be available.

The expected duration of a session, including the preparation and closing periods, will be 8 to 10 hours. It may be important to let certain people know you won't be available during this time so they won't worry. You should also block off the following day for yourself and not have any responsibilities or social engagements. Journalling about your experience will help you internally process and integrate your experience.


What to Bring

  • Journal/paper for after the session.
  • Comfortable clothing. 
  • Earplugs (optional)
  • Eyemask (optional). We have a few available for you to use.
  • Medication if needed.
  • Do not wear perfume or cologne.
  • Do not wear makeup.


Driving & Transportation

For your safety, we can provide private transportation back to your accommodations within Playa del Carmen.


Intention Setting

An intention for the session can be very broad like “Please sacred mushroom medicine, show me how to love myself”, or very specific as “I want to transcend my fear to speak in public”.

A clear intention may help elevate the answers from your subconsciousness and bring to light the root causes or solutions that you were not previously aware of, and with new understandings and acceptance comes the possibility of change.

If you don’t have an intention but would like to explore the possibility of having one, get into a comfortable personal space where you can sit and write, and reflect upon the following questions:

  • If you could imagine a perfect day in my life how would it be like?
  • If I were not afraid, what would I like to do or experience?
  • What beliefs are preventing me from experiencing what would make my heart happy?
  • How would I like my relationships to be?
  • How would I like to feel when I am alone with me?

How to 'Journey'

During the session, we recommend practicing techniques to help yourself relax, contemplate, feel grounded, and let your mind journey with ease.

A few popular techniques include:

  • Visualization: Imagine yourself like a leaf floating down a stream, or laying on a beach looking at the ocean, or laying on the grass looking at the clouds.
  • Breathwork: For centuries and across the world the breath has been used in spiritual practices.
  • Eye masks: Wear an eye mask to block light and visual distractions may help you travel deeper into your journey. Removing a mask may let you reduce the depth and increase cognition. Similar to how snorkelers need to come up for air, you can manage your journey depth using the eye mask technique.

Emotions & Feelings

A fundamental difference between feelings and emotions is that feelings are experienced consciously and can, while emotions manifest from the subconscious mind. 

Mushrooms help bring emotions to the surface which can trigger feelings. 

The majority of people overwhelmingly have beautiful enlightening experiences. Common experiences include elevated consciousness and insights, breakthroughs from stress and anxiety, higher levels of appreciation, forgiveness, and acceptance, and a heightened sense of belonging and connectedness.

However, some people also experience uncomfortable feelings and mixed emotions, including irritability, confusion, and sadness. If you do experience unusual or uncomfortable experiences, such as the sensation of melting, dissolving, going crazy, etc. -- go ahead. You're in a safe container, experience the experience! Remember that the transcendence of your ego or your everyday self is always followed by Rebirth/Return to the normative world of space & time. The safest way to return to normal is to trust yourself unconditionally to the emerging experiences. 

We’re here to help. If we notice you become distressed, we may hold your hand or touch your arm to help you settle and ground in your own presence again with confidence. But we understand not everyone is comfortable with this, so it’s okay if you prefer we have no physical contact. 

The better you can describe how emotions make you feel, the better you can process and purge negative emotions and navigate your journey. We encourage you to explore your shadow to achieve breakthrough healings.

We invite you to read this list of common feelings: and play around with this interactive app created with support from the Dali Lama:


A mantra is a sacred utterance or group of words some practitioners believe to have magical or spiritual powers. Other people believe it helps your universe align, we believe that words are agreements charged with connotations that we can use to direct our energy toward desired outcomes, as simple as that. Here are a few popular mantras you can use during your session (keep in mind to say these silently in your mind so you don't distract your neighbor from their journey).

  1. Out of my head into my heart.
  2. Let go and be the observer.
  3. Trust, let go, be open.
  4. All that matters is love. 
  5. Flowing down the stream, like a leaf, flowing over and around rocks and obstacles, I am in flow.
  6. Everything is temporary.

Rules & Guidelines

These guidelines help limit your distractions, mental attachments, and associations so you get the most out of your experience. 

  1. No use of phones or watches during the session.
  2. No pictures or video during the session. We can take some pictures to share with you but please do not share them publicly on social media.
  3. Remain inside the session space until the close of the session. This is for your safety.
  4. No social talking with other participants. There will be periods where you can talk but having shared periods of quiet time lets everyone have their own internal journey without distraction. 
  5. No singing or clapping.
  6. Limit physical contact with other guests. If another person is having a challenging moment, try to let them process and overcome it on their own. 


Our Facilitators

BLUAYA merges traditional shamanic practices with evidence-based research to offer mushroom experiences in Safe, Comfortable, and Conducive spaces for personal healing and growth.

All of our facilitators, therapists, and sitters have many years of first-hand experience. We are not shamans, which in our view, are traditional healers native to parts of Central and South America who practice medicine in traditional ways.

Moni L.

Moni has been living in Playa del Carmen since 2016. She’s a certified Art Therapist with extensive experience in working with people to help them transcend creative boundaries. She’s been recalled as one of the most highlighted community builders in the world for her highly empathic abilities and capacity to hold spaces for groups and individuals.




Neil R.

Neil is from Canadian and has lived in Playa del Carmen since 2017. His first mushroom experience in high school was life-changing and significantly improved social anxiety and depression. This changed the direction of his life. His next pivotal moment from plant medicine came from this first Ayahuasca experience in Ecuador in 2019 which lead him to start studying and working with the medicines. Neil has also been touched by loved ones with mental health conditions that may benefit from psychedelic medicines as adoption in mainstream therapies increases.





Recommended Prep - Complete this before your session!

Complete these questions by hand on a paper notepad 3 days before the session. These are private only to you and will not be shared with our facilitators. The purpose of this exercise is to stir up and elevate important things from your subconscious into your conscious mind. These are things that may directly impact your mental, spiritual, and physical well-being. You may feel some discomfort during this exercise but that means you're doing it right!



  1. Intentions - Up to 3 intentions of your session. See the "Intentions" section for more info.
  2. Acceptance: 1-3 things you want to accept or make peace with.
  3. Stressors: 1-3 things, that stress you out and 1-3 solutions for each to remove or reduce this stress.
  4. Self-Appreciation : 3-10 things that you can thank yourself for being/doing/becoming? This is similar to self-gratitude.
  5. Blockages - Up to 3 things that are blocking you from achieving/feeling/being something - or what is being blocked by something you're unaware of.
  6. Goals: 3-5 Things or characteristics you want to accomplish/become in the future.
  7. People you Love: Name 2-5 people you love and 3 things about each out you love about them.
  8. Limiting Beliefs - 3 beliefs that are negatively impacting your life.
  9. Fear: 2-5 things you fear. And what you would like to experience if you were not afraid.
  10. Physical pain: List up to 3 common pains the body experiences that you want relief from (e.g lower back pain, digestion issues, etc.).
  11. Perfect day: Imagine yourself living the life of your dreams. Write 3-10 sentences describing your perfect day. Be as descriptive as possible.
  12. Gratitude: 5-10 things (excluding people) you are grateful for in the world

Other homework:

  • Let people know you won't be available during the session and possibly the day after (example: if your mom is used to calling you every night, she might worry if she cannot reach you. This can also include coworkers and friends).
  • Block off the following day to relax and integrate.