• Try not to eat any solids, caffeine, dairy, or meat at least 8 hours before the session.
  • Only if you are super hungry, you may consume a smoothie or fruit but absolutely no solids at least 3 hours before the session.
  • Nausea is a common side effect when doing mushrooms on a full stomach.
  • Get plenty of sleep, reduce distractions.

Overview of the Session

  • We will begin with relaxation and preparation exercises, followed by a cacao ceremony with medicine. 
  • Our mushrooms are served blended into ceremonial grade cacao for an authentic and euphoric experience. This method offers many scientific benefits in addition to honoring the ancient history of Mayans and their ceremonial use of cacao. Our cacao recipe includes honey, cinnamon, salt, and cayenne. If you are allergic to any of these ingredients, let us know.
  • There will be opportunities to participate in emotional release and healing exercises during the session we will discuss with you prior.  
  • For music, we use a carefully curated playlist with touches of live shamanic instruments.
  • You will be served tea and water throughout the session.
  • There will be two facilitators, one male, and one female.
  • We will close the session with a guided meditation followed by fresh fruit and granola.  
  • The expected duration of a session will be 4 to 5 hours.

What to Bring:

  • Journal for after the session (optional)
  • Comfortable clothing. 
  • Do not wear perfume or cologne.

Intention Setting

An intention for the session can be as open as “Sacred medicine of the mushroom please show me with tenderness how to love myself”, or as concise as “I want to transcend my fear to speak in public”, or broad as in "I commit to letting myself feel and experience anything that arises".

A clear intention will direct the answers of your subconsciousness towards bringing light upon the root causes of this blockage or fear, and with understanding comes the possibility of change.

If you don’t have an intention but would like to explore the possibility of having one, get into a comfortable personal space where you can sit and write, and reflect upon the following questions:

  • If you could imagine a perfect day in my life how would it be like?
  • If I were not afraid, what would I like to do or experience?
  • What beliefs are preventing me from experiencing what would make my heart happy?
  • How would I like my relationships to be?
  • How would I like to feel when I am alone with me?

How to Journey

Our recommendation during the session is to practice relaxation, contemplation, and let your mind and body travel without hesitation, like a leaf floating down a stream.


Emotions & Feelings

A fundamental difference between feelings and emotions is that feelings are experienced consciously and can, while emotions manifest from the subconscious mind. 

Mushrooms help bring emotions to the surface which can trigger feelings. 

The majority of people overwhelmingly have beautiful enlightening experiences. Common experiences include elevated consciousness and insights, breakthroughs from stress and anxiety, higher levels of appreciation, forgiveness, and acceptance, and a heightened sense of belonging and connectedness.

However, some people also experience uncomfortable feelings and mixed emotions, including irritability, confusion, and sadness. If you do experience unusual or uncomfortable experiences, such as the sensation of melting, dissolving, going crazy, etc. -- go ahead. You're in a safe container, experience the experience! Remember that the transcendence of your ego or your everyday self is always followed by Rebirth/Return to the normative world of space & time. The safest way to return to normal is to trust yourself unconditionally to the emerging experiences. 

We’re here to help. If we notice you become distressed, we may hold your hand or touch your arm to help you settle and ground in your own presence again with confidence. But we understand not everyone is comfortable with this, so it’s okay if you prefer we have no physical contact. 

The better you can describe how emotions make you feel, the better you can process and purge negative emotions and navigate your journey. We encourage you to explore your shadow to achieve breakthrough healings.

We invite you to read this list of common feelings: and play around with this interactive app created with support from the Dali Lama:


A mantra is a sacred utterance or group of words some practitioners believe to have magical or spiritual powers. Other people believe it helps your universe align, we believe that words are agreements charged with connotations that we can use to direct our energy toward desired outcomes, as simple as that. Here are a few popular mantras you can use during your session (keep in mind to say these silently in your mind so you don't distract your neighbor from their journey).

  1. Out of my head into my heart.
  2. Let go and be the observer.
  3. Trust, let go, be open.
  4. All that matters is love. 
  5. Flowing down the stream, like a leaf, flowing over and around rocks and obstacles, I am in flow.
  6. Everything is temporary.

Rules & Guidelines

These guidelines help limit your distractions, mental attachments, and associations so you get the most out of your experience. 

  1. No use of phones or watches during the session.
  2. No pictures or video during the session.
  3. Please do not publicly share pictures on social media.
  4. Remain inside until the close of the session.
  5. No social talking (you can ask us questions)
  6. No singing or clapping.
  7. Limit physical contact with other guests. If another person is having a challenging moment, try to let them process and overcome it on their own.