Here are things you can start to implement now. The more of these you master by consistent practice, the better your physical, mental, and spiritual states will be. 

  1. Journal – Writing helps unbox and process the stuff that’s living in your subconscious. The more you’re aware of these things and are consciously working on them, the healthier your mental state will be. Learn more here.
  2. Sleep – the more rested you are, the better. Get at least 8 hours of sleep per night (maybe more if you actively exercise) and keep your sleep and wake-up times consistent. Visit Dr. Huberman’s site for more info about how to master your sleep.
  3. Diet – Everyone’s body is different in the way it deals with food. For most, we recommend following a healthy diet with no “fast foods” for at least a week before your session.  
  4. Exercise – Daily exercise is one of the best ways to naturally boost your mental and physical health. If you can’t hit the gym, that’s okay but try to replace it with an alternative like walking, swimming, or yoga. Anything is better than nothing. 
  5. Yoga – Another practice that is super beneficial for both mind and body. 

Diet the day of the session:

Typically, an empty stomach will offer the (a) fastest digestion and onset of the mushrooms, and (b) less chance of potential discomfort or nausea. 

However, many people find it difficult to fast all day, and fasting isn’t necessary to have a successful mushroom journey. 

We recommend you arrive with a tummy that can last another three hours without feeling hunger pain. On the day of the session, eat vegetarian or fish dishes for the best digestion.