Peyote & San Pedro Retreat in Mexico

Benefits of Peyote or San Pedro in Mexico

Our locations are situated in the Mayan jungle and a short drive to the beach.

At our jungle locations, guests have access to swim in cenotes, meditate beneath a palm tree. During multi-day retreats, on our rest days, we offer free private transportation to beautiful beaches so you can swim in the turquoise blue waters of the Caribbean ocean, enjoy paddleboarding, or simply relax on the beach. The intention of these outings is to offer healthy, nature-based activities while encouraging guests to maintain a degree of solitude.

A couple of additional benefits include quick and affordable flights from the US and Canada. Unlike locations in South America, such as the Amazon, flying into Mexico is significantly less expensive and faster.


No More Peyote

We have made the conscious decision to not offer or promote the use of Peyote because it's going extinct (read more here). A more ethical alternative, the San Pedro cactus grows much faster and is not endangered.

For multiday San Pedro retreats we highly recommend Casa del Sol in Ecuador.