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Life-Enhancing Mushroom Journeys
in a Safe & Magical Space

Your journey begins here..

If you think you stumbled upon this page by mistake, think again. It’s our belief everything happens for a reason. It’s also our belief you can enhance your life through the intentional use of plant medicines, especially under an optimized set and setting. BLUAYA merges traditional shamanic practices with scientific, evidence-based knowledge and therapeutic exercises to offer uniquely magical life-enhancing experiences.

You can read more details about our day-retreat program, view pictures from past sessions, and watch a few review testimonials from previous participants. There’s a lot of info here, so if you want to speak with us, or ask us questions over chat or a phone call, connect with us!

Immerse Your Senses


Special lighting illuminates the indoor space. A surreal ambiance. Dream-like states of consciousness. You can enjoy the show with your eyes open or use eyes masks to journey deeper within yourself.


Live music integrated into a carefully curated playlist and spacial-audio sound system. These soundscapes are so realistic they’ll make you feel like you’re in the middle of a jungle orchestra. 


Subtle scents dispersed inducing comfort, alertness, clarity, and grounding – at just the right times. The use of Sage, Palo Santo, Copal have been used for centuries in ceremony and ritual.


Enjoy an unforgettable moment of appreciation and gratitude while sharing an abundance of tropical, in-season fruits full of vibrant colors and textures.